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SecureScout Key Features

Automated Internet Service
SecureScout Perimeter is a service delivered over the Internet that supplements your organization's security expertise, and facilitates scheduling tests and retrieving results quickly. SecureScout Perimeter offers third generation real-time testing to enhance reliability and create reproducible results, reducing the risk of inconsistent test results due to human error. The byproduct is consistent reporting, making it easy to track progress by comparing results between time frames.

Intelligent, Integrated Testing
SecureScout Perimeter conducts a multidimensional audit by combining the strength of different test methodologies and cutting-edge scanning techniques, intelligently sharing information between tests and probing deeper with context-sensitive tests. Scans are customized for the specific environment, enabling faster and more reliable scans than any other scanning tool.

Informative, Customizable Reports
Multifaceted reports indicate the number and types of vulnerabilities discovered. Vulnerability severity is prioritized, along with suggestions for fixing the holes. Recommendations facilitate making security improvements. Reports are fully customizable and protected at the highest security level to prevent unauthorized access.

Up-To-Date Vulnerability Tests
A team of the world's best security experts continually researches for new vulnerabilities. New test cases are developed immediately and incorporated into the service faster than alternative approaches, enabling subscribers to maintain the highest state of readiness.

Scanning Beyond The Firewall
SecureScout Perimeter improves operational reliability by performing the most comprehensive audit possible. This is achieved by assessing routers, Web servers, mail servers, FTP servers, wireless access points, application servers, and other IP network devices.

Security By Subscription
Tests can be scheduled to correspond with major changes to Internet Protocol-connected systems. Subscribe to the SecureScout Perimeter service and sustain an optimal level of security effortlessly.

24x7 Scheduling
SecureScout Perimeter can test any site (or IP address) on the Web or internal network on a scheduled or ad hoc basis. Scans can be scheduled months in advance, and as frequently as required.


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