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SecureScout Overview

The SecureScout™ Family
Reduce the cost of network vulnerability management while increasing operational efficiency and profitability through better management of patch deployment. Enterprise security becomes simple to manage with the industry-leading Windows-based SecureScout and SecureScout (Cloud Edition) solutions.

Perform complete and comprehensive vulnerability assessments on both your internal and external systems. SecureScout's distributed architecture allows to you scale the application to networks of all sizes while maintaining highest performance in the industry.

You can rest assured that your network is safe from malicious attacks from hackers, worms and viruses, with the automatic update feature. Our Network Security Experts are continually researching all of the most current threats and updating the SecureScout test case database.

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SecureScout (Cloud Edition) Web-based, internet-side vulnerability assessment. SecureScout (Cloud Edition) scans your web-facing IP addresses to uncover the largest number of vulnerabilities with the fewest false-positives. Catch critical vulnerabilities at the edge of your network; reduce the cost and effort of protecting your internal systems by eliminating the threats at the perimeter. Request Trial

SecureScout (Windows Edition) Single-user vulnerability scanner for small to medium applications. Manage your entire network security from the centralized console in SecureScout. With SecureScout (Windows Edition)agents deployed on network segments and subnets; you control your entire network from one central location. Reports are compiled at the console and prioritized by severity. Request Trial

SecureScout (Enterprise Edition) SecureScout (Enterprise Edition) is the multi-user engine for enterprise vulnerability assessment needs. SecureScout (Enterprise Edition) provides the ultimate in automation, control and management of security testing; with rich report generation, fully customizable scanning policies, you can efficiently assess the security posture of your entire network. The varying levels of detail in the standard reports allow you to inform all levels of the organization on the status of your information security. Interface to leading helpdesk ticketing applications to make management of patch deployment automatic. Request Trial

SecureScout Easybox A network scanning appliance based on the industry-leading technology of SecureScout. Deployed as a managed appliance, SecureScout Easybox delivers the highest performance scan engine along with the remote management capabilities.

SecureScout Single Scanners™ (S4) are free tools developed by SecureScout for use by the network security community. Free Download

SecureScout WinRT Ticketing Interface automatically generates trouble tickets based upon user- defined parameters. Windows Request Tracker (WinRT) is an enterprise-grade ticketing system which enables groups of people to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, issues, and requests. Free Download


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