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SecureScout NX Key Features

Centralized management
All activities are conducted and managed from a single console, enabling faster security assessment and firewall testing of networks of any size. 3rd generation vulnerability scanning technology ensures distributed, real-time testing.

Concurrent multi-level, multi-segment testing
Distributed, console-Remote Agent architecture allows the scanning of remote subnets behind a firewall, and a complete evaluation of firewall filtering rules. Multiple remote systems can be tested concurrently.

Integrated, customizable reports
Test results and fixes for multiple network segments can be easily integrated into a single SecureScout NX report. The report identifies all running services. All reports are generated in HTML or PDF format and recorded in a database for later use. Differential reports are available to evaluate security progress.

Low overhead
The network overhead is insignificant since test cases are played locally to save bandwidth and real-time reports are buffered to optimize network transmission.

Reliable performance
Performance of the WAN or packet filtering mechanism never affects the remote test engine's reliability. Remote engine sessions are scheduled easily using standard operating system features.

In-depth firewall testing
Comprehensive firewall configuration testing is performed for outgoing and incoming packets, allowing reverse engineering of the filter rules regardless of firewall's make or vendor. Active probing on all types of connected machines precisely determines differences between implemented rules or protocols and written security policies.

Automated updates
Automated on-line product updates and dynamic report generation are linked to a secure Web service site where information is updated continuously. Test cases are CVE-compliant.


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