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SecureScout EagleBox™ Managed Vulnerability Scanning appliance

SecureScout EagleBox employs the same state-of-the-art vulnerability assessment technology as SecureScout; uncovering the highest number of
vulnerabilities on the market and providing the most comprehensive reporting. The dedicated appliance delivers increased performance,
ease of maintenance and security.

Integration with SecureScout console
Monitor and manage SecureScout EagleBox directly from the SecureScout remote console. Network segments can be easily administered through secure remote connections to SecureScout EagleBox's distributed around your network.


Automated updates
SecureScout security experts continually research information sources for new vulnerabilities , so you can focus on other core tasks and can be confident that you are scanning for the most recently discovered vulnerabilities. Through differential reporting, you can easily benchmark your security level at various points
in time.

Licensing Options and Part Numbers

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