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SecureScout NX

Distributed scanning agents, centralized control
Vulnerability Management becomes easier and more efficient with the distributed architecture of SecureScout NX. Control all scanning engines throughout your enterprise from a single console. Policies can be defined by groups of IP addresses, maximizing the effectiveness of your network security.

Stop Hackers
Quickly identify and repair weaknesses in your network accessible hardware, before they are exploited by hackers, virus', worms and malware. Determine whether security policies are adequate; get detailed remediation reports and trending data. With the most thorough test case database available; you can rest assured in knowing that you are testing for the largest number of known vulnerabilities.

SecureScout NX Administration console

Control Your Company Exposure To The Outside World

The most comprehensive reporting in the industry. SecureScout by default provides varying levels of reports to keep everyone in your organization informed; from the technicians to the CEO. SecureScout's unique differential reports provide trending data to measure the improvements to your corporate security posture.

Keep Current On The Latest Vulnerabilities
A team of the world's best security experts continually research information sources for new vulnerabilities, so your staff can focus on other core tasks. A secure Web service site automatically updates SecureScout NX, so you can be confident that you are scanning for the most recently discovered vulnerabilities. Through differential reporting, you can easily benchmark your security level at various points in time.

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