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netVigilance, Inc. first vendor to receive industry certification under new security rules by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Council.

Blazes the trail for new Rating system in Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification

PORTLAND, Oregon -- December 22, 2006- netVigilance, Inc., the Windows-based leader in network Vulnerability Assessment (VA) announced today the release of its SecureScout Perimeter PCI DSS™, a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) compliance service, approved by the PCI Security Standards Council.

The PCI Security Standard Council of Wakefield, MA awarded netVigilance, Inc. the certification (#3757-01-01) as Approved Scanning Vendor based on the new reporting criteria in its PCI Requirements 1.1 on December 22, 2006. The new PCI Requirements 1.1 is based on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) instead of the 5 Levels of Risk, an older standard established with the introduction of version 1.0 which current vendors support.

"We chose to go with the new standard, even if it is not yet mandatory for another six months, because we see the new reporting requirements as a great improvement for payment card customers," stated Jesper Jurcenoks, CEO of netVigilance, Inc. "By utilizing the CVSS Standard, the PCI has taken a major leap forward, we want to lead the way by being the first vendor to report under the new industry requirements."

By being the first industry vendor to introduce the CVSS into its product line, netVigiliance has greater penetration of CVSS Scoring in product development tests compared with freeware competitor, Nessus. netVigilance has 26% CVSS coverage vs. Nessus with 8%.

With the introduction of the SecureScout Perimeter PCI DSS, netVigilance now supports the assessment of the PCI DSS compliance of customers accepting credit card payments. The official compliance recommendation given by netVigilance to customers is critical to all major credit card services, including American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa.

About netVigilance

Founded in 2003, netVigilance delivers best-in-class solutions for protection of corporate networks. With its SecureScout™ line of vulnerability assessment tools, netVigilance ensures increased profitability aprofitability, increased operational efficiencies, Higher productivity and decreased downtime by increasing the efficiency of network security operations.

The SecureScout™ Security Operations solution enables engineers to continually uncover vulnerabilities in third-party operatingsystems, equipment, applications and services.

SecureScout™, engineers develop and deployvulnerability test cases, security alerts, remediation procedures and expert opinion to over 2,000 customers and clients worldwide.

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Steven Mason

Please note: Mr. Jurcenoks is available for interviews on this urgent bulletin and on all aspects of PCI-DSS Compliance.


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