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Perimeter PCI

Fact: PCI Compliance is important. But it's not enough. Being only PCI Compliant puts your company at risk by giving you a false sense of security.

Fact: Only netVigilance's Total Coverage PCI continually finds your security holes to ensure the safety of your company's network and your customers' data.

On July 24, 2009, web-hosting leader Network Solutions publicly reported that the credit card information of 573,928 individuals had been compromised over an almost 3-month period at 4,343 e-commerce sites.

Yet this company was completely PCI compliant.

PCI Security Standards Council

The risk is clear. And so is the solution - netVigilance Total Coverage PCI. We go Beyond Compliance to detect vulnerabilities that compliance standards like PCI don't.

What PCI Compliance Is & Isn't

Most people think that becoming PCI Compliant simply means getting quarterly external scans. And while that is technically sufficient to pass, it only skims the surface of the PCI Requirements. These Requirements also specify Regular Internal Scannings (requirement 11.2.a), External Change Scans (requirement 11.2.c), and External Web Scans (requirement 6.6).

The truth is that most companies offering PCI Compliance are only administering these quarterly external scans. The Ponemon Institute reported that, in the last 12 months, 85% of organizations experienced data breaches. Because of the way that PCI Compliance is handled, many of them were likely compliant and at risk - all at the same time.

But there is no need to remain exposed to a continuing unacceptable risk. Only netVigilance's Total Coverage PCI completely satisfies paragraphs 11.2 and 6.6, and does PCI Compliance the right way. The result of our Total Coverage PCI is as close to Total Security for your company as possible.

netVigilance PCI scannings ensures thorough quarterly PCI ASV validation of your infrastructure and both your generic and custom web-applications at one fixed price, no surprises.

The netVigilance Free PCI Rescan Warranty

PCI Compliance Fact: Anyone unable to produce a passing PCI ASV scan every quarter is deemed non-PCI Compliant -- unless they remediate the identified problems and prove they have been fixed within 90 days of their last passing scan. Even worse, anyone who falls out of PCI Compliance because they cannot remediate within this official time-frame is in a much more serious situation -- then they must pass the PCI ASV for four (4) quarters in a row in order to become PCI Compliant again! That's why you should take all actions necessary to ensure you never fall out of PCI Compliance because it will take you a minimum of 4 quarters qualify again. As your partner, netVigilance wants to do everything it can to ensure this never happens to you.

netVigilance PCI Compliance Advantage: That is why every fully-paid PCI Scan from netVigilance comes with The netVigilance Free PCI Rescan Warranty. To help our customers achieve PCI Compliance, we guarantee one (1) free rescan -- at absolutely ZERO cost -- to enable them to verify their corrections.

Guarantee Scope: The customer�s free scan must apply to the identical IP scope as the scan that failed, and it must be run within thirty (30) days of the Quarterly PCI ASV Scan. Please note that if the free rescan fails, because the appropriate corrections have not been made, then there is a standard charge for further rescans.

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