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Easybox Key Features

Dynamic Scheduling
Customer scanning profiles are easily built with advance calendaring, resource grouping, prioritization of vulnerabilities and load adjustment.

Multi User
SecureScout Easybox is a multi-user appliance; individual users have ability to customize localization, reporting, scheduling and loading.

Web interface
Web interface to manager allows security administrators to securely access SecureScout Easybox from any browser. Interface can be customized to user-defined look and feel.

Distributed Architecture
Your vulnerability scanning will grow and change with you. Add more remote scanners as your needs grow.

SecureScout Easybox Manager
Coordinates, manages and compile results of all SecureScout Easybox Scanners. Contains SecureScout database , Update Manager, Notification Server, Report Generator and web server.

SecureScout Easybox Scanner
Performs remote network and system scans; securely transmits results to SecureScout Easybox Manager. Conducts multiple simultaneous scans in parallel.

SecureScout Easybox Ticketer
Interface to the enterprises Ticketing system, like Remedy or the Open Source RT (Request Tracker).


Manager Scanner Ticketer
1U form factor
1U form factor
1U form factor (19X25.5X1.75)
CPU Pentium4 3GHz Pentium4 2GHz Pentium4 2GHz
RAM 1Gb RAM 256Mb RAM 256Mb RAM
Ethernet Integrated
10/100/1000 Mbps
10/100/1000 Mbps
10/100/1000 Mbps
Scanning Engine
Proxy Client
Notification Server
Scans Netword
Remote Scanner
Report Generator
Upgrade Manager
Web Server
Ticketing Interface
User Interface Web interface Web interface
Remote Administration Windows look and feel Windows look and feel SSH

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