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SecureScout SP TM
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SecureScout SP TM Key Features

Multi-User SecureScout SP can support an unlimited number of system users to divide security testing responsibility within one or several organizations.
Customer Management System SecureScout SP can support an unlimited number of customers in an hierarchical security model, and provides the capability to capture all relevant customer information.
Automation SecureScout SP employs sophisticated automation features, allowing the user to schedule security scans to be automatically initiated at any time in the future on a single use or reoccurring basis. This provides tremendous flexibility and time savings, as multiple scans can be performed concurrently and scans can be scheduled within a customer's service maintenance window.
Web Interface Security consultants, engineers and customers can manage the system through a web interface, providing the ability to define customers or segments, schedule jobs and review reports from remote locations.
Scalable Architecture Although SecureScout SP can be run on a single computer, it has been designed in a modular fashion, allowing SecureScout SP processes to be run on multiple computers. This architecture allows for the design of a SecureScout SP "server cluster", where new systems can be quickly added to increase the capacity.
Distributed Architecture By leveraging our core SecureScout NX technology, SecureScout SP can manage distributed remote scanning engines at any location. Implementing scanning remote engines within the customer's location increases performance and accuracy, without forcing network administrators to open dangerous holes in their firewall systems.
Integration SecureScout SP licensees are provided with HTML templates, Application Programming Interfaces and Database formats to allow SecureScout SP to be integrated with other enterprise applications, including network management, email, help desk, billing, patch management, SIM etc.
Continuous Updating A team of the world's best security specialists provided new vulnerability checks (test cases) on over 90 separate occasions in 2002 and 2003, the most in the industry.