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"Four Steps to Prevent Security Attacks
Using Vulnerability Assessment and Management"

A discussion and demonstration of the latest network-based vulnerability assessment and management technology.

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Date: Thursday, June 24th
Time: 11:00 to 11:45 Pacific Daylight Time
Speaker: Eric Fullerton, Co-Founder, NetVigilance

All event attendees receive a FREE one-time scan of one Internet-facing IP, and are entered in a drawing for a FREE, full annual subscription.
Attend this FREE online web seminar and explore the latest developments in proactive ongoing vulnerability management designed to increase the security resiliency of your network. We will review strategies that organizations are using to eliminate weak points before the hackers can find them while eliminating proportional amounts of risk exposure.

Learn the 4 key steps to ongoing vulnerability management:
  1. Understand and Decide
  2. Initial Assessment - "Baselining"
  3. Security Overhaul and Process development
  4. Implement the inline ongoing Vulnerability Management process using automated Vulnerability Assessment
This valuable session will end with a Q&A session so our development team can address your specific questions.

"Corporations that implement a vulnerability management process experience 90% fewer successful attacks than those that make an equal investment in Intrusion Detection $ Prevention Systems alone." -- The Gartner Group

About netVigilance

NetVigilance enables customers such as Sprint, US Marines and several hundred financial institutions around the world to heighten the resilience level of their IT infrastructures and thus avoid financial and image damaging hacker or worm attacks. Using netVigilance's products or services companies are able to forge the convergence of proactive security measures in order to perform secure and safe business the way they want to do business.