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*** For Immediate Release ***

netVigilance Inc. announces EagleBox appliance; Plug and Protect.

Reduce installation, maintenance overhead and training requirements with the plug and play appliance from netVigilance.

BEAVERTON, Oregon -- January 15, 2004- netVigilance Inc., home of SecureScout™ advanced Network Vulnerability Assessment and Management software for corporations announced today the release of the EagleBox Appliance product line, for customers who want a completely integrated and managed solution.

"Many Organizations don't want the hassle of hardware and software installation and maintenance; the EagleBox get shipped preconfigured directly to the customer, who just has to plug it in." said Jurcenoks.

"The box is automatically updated over the internet, and in case of unforeseen problems the customer can press a special button on the EagleBox and request a virtual on-site visit, netVigilance cannot control the EagleBox except in cases where the customer has specifically allowed it."

With it's unique and unmatched distributed architecture, extensive reporting, largest number of detected vulnerabilities and the lowest number of false-positives; SecureScout from netVigilance is the industry leading solution for Corporate Network Vulnerability assessment.

About netVigilance

Founded in 2003, netVigilance delivers best-in-class solutions for protection of corporate networks. With its SecureScout™ line of vulnerability assessment tools; netVigilance will ensure increased profitability, increased operational efficiencies, higher productivity and decreased downtime by increasing the efficiency of network security operations.

The SecureScout™ Security Operations engineers continually uncover vulnerabilities in 3rd party operating systems, equipment, applications and services.

SecureScout™ engineers develop and deploy vulnerability test cases, security alerts, remediation procedures and expert opinion to over 2,000 customers and clients worldwide..

For information contact:

Jesper Jurcenoks
netVigilance Public Relations
14845 SW Murray Scholls Dr.
Suite 110/310
Portland, Oregon 97007
503 524 5758
Jesper Jurcenoks at netvigilance com


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