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Live Hacker Demo
Jesper Jurcenoks' Live Hacker Demo attracted
a big crowd at infosecurity New York 2006

netVigilance is the Windows-based leader in network vulnerability assessment solutions for the leading platforms including Apple, Cisco and Linux.

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  • 16th International Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies TIBO 2009 in Minsk

    April 21-24, 2009
    Pobediteley 20/2
    Minsk, Belarus

    Large crowd of security professionals watched live hacking demo attack using Spear phishing, Buffer Overflow, and SQL-injection to bypass 2 firewalls and steal critical data from a demo corporate network.

    netVigilance Event : 16th International Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies TIBO 2009 in Minsk

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  • itec Portland Show Interview - NetVigilance

    November 28 - 29, 2007
    Oregon Convention
    Portland, OR

    Jesper "JJ" Jurcenoks being interviewed Live on-air with Radio KBNP-1410 AM - The Money Station, During Itec Portland 2007.

    Dr. Tony Marino and Ralph Hughes interviewed "JJ" on how "SecureScout" works and the advantage for the User.

    netVigilance Event : itec Portland Show Interview - NetVigilance

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  • itec Portland

    November 28 - 29, 2007
    Oregon Convention
    Portland, OR

    Jesper "JJ" Jurcenoks explains how to avoid Cross-site Scripting, to a large crowd at netVigilances home town in Portland, Oregon during Itec 2007. Nationally known Keynote-speaker Columnist, Author and Consultant James E. Gaskin is moderating and his high-spirited humor makes sure nobody dozes off when the subjects get very technical.

    netVigilance Event : itec Portland

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  • itec Philadelphia

    November 14 - 15, 2007
    Valley Forge Convention
    Valley Forge, PA

    James E Gaskin once again hosted the Masterminds Security Panel, where Jesper Jurcenoks talked about the Cross-site scripting attacks, the typical principles of how to find out the XSS vulnerabilities in the web-applications and why everybody is vulnerable to these kinds of attacks.

    netVigilance Event : itec Philadelphia

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  • itec Kansas City

    November 7-8, 2007
    Overland Park Convention
    Overland Park, KS

    Jesper Jurcenoks Anchored the Security Experts Panel during Itec again in Kansas, and talked about how the New PCI law of Minnesota affects people accepting Creditcards there and who is covered by PCI compliance.

    Jesper Jurcenoks was joined on the Panel by Group Manager of Vulnerability Assessment and Security Compliance of Sprint Nextel Corporate Security, Stephen H. Gillilan, and Rick Laite of Astaro

    netVigilance Event : itec Kansas City

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  • itec Chicago

    October 18, 2007
    Renaissance Convention Schaumburg
    Schaumburg, IL

    Jesper Jurcenoks answers Security questions on the Itec Masterminds Panel, during the Thursday Luncheon Keynote panel. Questions included:

    • 1) I have a firewall from a Major vendor, am I not protected enough?
    • 2) Do I need antivirus on all my home machines?
    • 3) I am connecting to my home computer from work via remote desktop, do I expose my company's infrastructure to attack?
    • 4) Can I reduce my risk by changing to a non-windows OS?

    netVigilance Event : itec Chicago

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    netVigilance Photo CIMG0170 netVigilance Photo CIMG0188
  • infosecurity

    October 24-25, 2006
    Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
    New York, NY

    The netVigilance Live Hacker Demo, ran for a crowd every 40 minutes for 2 days. Customers saw Jesper Jurcenoks, perform a Spear Phishing Attack, a buffer overflow exploit, and an SQL Injection, bypassing 2 corporate firewalls, and stealing Social Security Numbers.

    netVigilance Event : infosecurity

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