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Email address for Scan start notifications (Should the notifications go the enduser or to
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First quarterly scan
Date when the firewall/IPS will be open for second quarterly scan (mmm/dd/yy):   
Second quarterly scan
Date when the firewall/IPS will be open for third quarterly scan (mmm/dd/yy):   
Third quarterly scan
Date when the firewall/IPS will be open for fourth quarterly scan (mmm/dd/yy):   
Fourth quarterly scan

Free Rescan

Customer is entitled to one free rescan to verify corrections on same IP scope within 30 days of being found non-compliant by a fully paid PCI ASV scan by netVigilance.
IPs to be scanned (eg '' NOT ' Firewall'):   
Scan options:    (Required)

Virtual Hostnames for web-server sharing the same IP cannot be accurately remotely determined, it is the customers responsibility to submit ALL virtual hostnames. From PCI Standard Requirement "PCI Scanning Procedures v1_1" page 2 section 3:
Prior to scanning the web site and IT infrastructure, merchants and service providers must:
• Provide the ASV with a list of all Internet-facing IP addresses and/or IP address ranges
• Provide the ASV with a list of all domains that should be scanned if domain-based virtual hosting is used

NOTE!: ALL virtual web-servers MUST be specified, not just the ones accepting creditcard.

HELP! - Additional detailed explanation of virtual host names
List of Virtual Hostnames (FQDN)(eg '' NOT ' web-server'):   
Customer verifies that ALL Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) used for Virtual Hosting has been supplied, and acknowledges that they understand that missing FQDN INVALIDATES the scanning result at owners cost and risk :    (Required)

Originating IPs used by Scan.

To insure an accurate scanning result netVigilance will use many different tools and methods to scan Customer for PCI DSS compliance. - -
Customer positively confirms that the above IPs have been entered into ALL relevant systems, including: Intrusion Detection systems (IDS); Intrusion Prevention systems; Cisco Self Defending Networks, Cisco Outbreak Prevention, etc. :    (Required)
Load Balancers in front of Servers:    (Required)

Comment: Any information that you think could be useful for our handling of your request.   
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