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netVigilance Http Tunnel

Http Tunnel Service Configuration
  Thread configuration options

HTTP Tunnel
HTTP Tunnel technology allows users to perform various Internet tasks, using various protocols like FTP, HTTP, IMAP, IRC, NNTP, POP3, SIP, SMTP, SSH, TELNET, BitTorrent, RTP, rlogin and many others, despite restrictions imposed by firewalls. This is made possible by creating bidirectional virtual data connection tunnelled in HTTP requests.

Client and Server
A HTTP tunnel requires a server at one end and a client at the other end, the netVigilance HTTP Tunnel supplies you with both. netVigilance HTTP Tunnel can run in both forward mode and reverse mode, allowing traffic to pass in the opposite direction of the firewall.

Configurable Windows Service
netVigilance HTTP Tunnel runs as a Windows Service and is fully configurable via GUI.

HTTP Tunnel Configuration
User can configure connections via GUI, specifying name, type and endpoint for each thread.
Available thread types are Forward client, Forward server, Reverse server and Reverse client.
Connection endpoint can be set to the desired tunnel server or user application on the specified port.

Advanced Options
The HTTP requests can be sent via an HTTP proxy, if desired. Advanced Options tab fields allows you can enter your proxy settings, including authorization. Here you can specify other options, including Content length, Timeout, Connection age and User agent.

Works on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003.

Try before you buy
You can download and try limited version of this product, which will close the tunnel after about 3 hours.
If the program suits your or your company's needs, you can decide to purchase Single or per Site license.

HTTP Tunnel allows firewall piercing, and should only be used for legal purposes.
Be aware that using HTTP Tunnel to bypass your company's firewall rules and/or security policies will likely get you into trouble and netVigilance CANNOT be held responsible for any consequences whatsoever of using this software.

Try HTTP Tunnel Trial V6.2
Download HTTP Tunnel Trial installer. Size: 248KB

Buy Http Tunnel v6.2 Single license
Download instructions will be provided once your order has been processed.
Price: $25.00


HTTP Tunnel V6.2 Site license
Price: $500
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