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SecureScout NX

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MS Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)

  1. Q: What are the potential problems with SecureScout NX and WinXP SP2 ?

    A: The SecureScout team has currently identified 2 issues with NX and SP2, all of which has easy workarounds:
    1. Disable Win XP SP2 Firewall, or you will get false positives on some open ports.
    2. Win XP SP2 Pop-up blocker will prevent HTML-reports to be displays correctly. PLease manually allow Pop-ups on the reports.

McAfee Virus Detection

  1. Q: My McAfee detects 2 of SecureScouts files as containing virus ?

    A: There is NO VIRUS in SecureScout this is a False Alarm

    McAfee Virus Definition 4362 released May 19 2004 detects the files:


    As incorrectly containings the Exploit-Dcomrpc.gen Trojan
    We have changed the testmethod in NX version and SP Version and above and kindly ask you to upgrade our software. The changed version will be released during the week of May 24-28 2004.

New install

  1. Q: Now that I have the License file - How do I get the SecureScout NX Software ?

    A: Please download the Software from our web-site using the Link in the email that gave you the License file.

  2. Q: In my License email I got both a .dat and a .zip file, which one should I use ?

    A: Normally you can use the .dat file, but some mail-systems change this file, this is why the dat file is supplied inside a zip-archive as well.

  3. Q: I have to reinstall my machine and have downloaded the Lastest SecureScout NX Setup from your web, but get an license error when using my old key called securescannx.dat ?

    A: The new SecureScan NX setup expects a license key called securescoutnx.dat instead of securescannx.dat, please just rename you existing key.

  4. Q: I am installing a new machine using the new securescout license key that you just sent me, and my CD with NX setup, but the license does not work?

    A: Recommended solution : download the newest version of SecureScout NX Setup using the internet link included in your license email.
    If this is not possible the alternative solution is to rename your license key to securescan.dat so that if works with the old setup.

  5. Q: I have two networks Interface Cards (NICs) in my machine, but SecureScout Lincense seems to bind to the wrong one ?

    A: SecureScout binds to the first network Adapter in your system. To change the adapter order do the following : "Network connections - Menu Advanced - Advanced Settings..." use the UP and DOWN arrows to move the desired network adapter to the top.


  1. Q: What is the internet address for downloading updates for SecureScout NX?

    A: The automatic download process of SecureScout NX has 2 download sites:
    The Primary site is
    the Secondary (backup) site is :

  2. Q: How can I verify connectivity to the SecureScout NX upgrade sites ?

    A: Use your web-browser to browse the servers or click these links :
    Primary : You should see a NexantiS Logo
    Secondary: You should see a netVigilance Logo

  3. Q: The Upgrade mechanism asks me for a Username and Password - What should I use ?

    A: Use the Username and Password supplied to you in the Email that gave you the License.

  4. Q: How can I upgrade SecureScout NX if I do not have Internet access from the SecureScout NX Console ?

    A: Use the COLUP file (Cumulative Offline Upgrade Package) that can be manually downloaded here:
    Primary :
    Seconday :
    Please use the username and password supplied in your license email to log in.
    To install:
    1. Double-click on the file and extract to the default location (assumes default install path)
    2. Launch SecureScout NX console
    3. Choose Tools Menu
    4. Choose Options
    5. Select the Auto Upgrade Tab
    6. Click on the Package Location button
    7. Select the box for Upgrade packages are on my computer or my local network.
    8. Click on the browse button
    9. Select the path C:\Program File\Vig..ante\SecureSc.. NX\Upgrades\nt
    10. Click OK
    11. Click on Check for update now
    12. Follow prompts
    13. Remove check in "Upgrade package are ...." after upgrade and SecureScout NX will check the web site"

  5. Q: After Upgrading my NX to a version of or above, a screen tells me that I need to register - What do I do ?

    A: Please do the following :
    1. Exit SecureScout NX
    2. go to directory the Exe directory of SecureScout NX
    3. Backup the files securescannx.dat & securescoutnx.dat
    4. Delete securescoutnx.dat from the exe directory
    5. Rename securescannx.dat to securescoutnx.dat in the exe directory
    6. restart NX - it should work now.


  1. Q: I have started the program and selected session and Policy, how do I scan ?

    A: You cannot scan until you have populated your tree of Hosts, and selected which ones to scan, to do this right click on the network segment and select scan network.- This will scan you network for hosts
    You will now see a list of hosts - select the ones you want to scan (or all) and click on the little green curling arrow in the tool bar called "Scan Perimeter"

  2. Q: My Scan seemed to go too fast, where are the results ?

    A: You have probably just done a network scan, this means found available target for you Vulnerability Scanning.
    Please see above.

  3. Q: SecureScout Agent cannot discover any hosts but I can ping them manually from the same computer.

    A: Check to see if you have more than one Network Adapter. Change the order of the Binding of the Network Adapters so the one the Agent uses is first in the Binding order, see Question 5 in the New Install section


  1. Q: What SQL server is included in the current version of NX install (

    A: We are using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) SP3 (Service Pack 3)

  2. Q: The newest Service Pack for MS-SQL is SP3a - should I update ?

    A: No need to Update SP3 to SP3a - Microsoft says this about SP3a: "Because most of the changes introduced in SQL Server 2000 SP3a are related to setup, you do not have to apply SQL Server 2000 SP3a to instances of SQL Server 2000 or MSDE 2000 that have already been upgraded to SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3). However, if you have instances that have not been upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3 yet, you must upgrade those instances to SQL Server 2000 SP3a instead of SQL Server 2000 SP3. (from;en-us;819334)

  3. Q: Should I apply post-SP3 hotfixes to my MSDE 2000 SP3 ?

    A: Yes - We recommend that you always run on the latest hotfix unless you have strong indications to do otherwise. for example MS03-031 SQL Server patch (815495)


  1. Q: When I use SecureScout NX the program either dies, hangs or bluescreens?

    A: SecureScout is using its own network driver layer to be able to create the specially crafted network packages that is needed for the assessment.
    This Driver does not conflict with normal Windows operations. However it can conflict with other programs the installs their own network driver.
    The following programs are verified not to work with SecureScout NX:
    1. Sygate Personal Firewall
    2. Network Associates Inc. (NAI) Sniffer Pro
    3. Kerio Winroute
    4. Kerio Firewall
    5. Symantec Enterprise Firewall VPN Client (Raptor VPN Client)